Can NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS-L improve Neck, Back, Shoulder health and reduce the risk of several diseases caused by sedentary lifestyle?

A height adjustable sit stand workstation that converts any desk to a sit stand desk can improve body posture as you may sit stand at your convenience and use your computer efficiently with proper body posture and consistent body movements. People have experienced less back, shoulder and neck complaints and maximum flexibility, no more strained neck, sore shoulders, inflexible spine. Sedentary lifestyle diseases can also be dealt with if you constantly move your body at work. NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS-L is a pneumatic height adjustable portable sit stand workstation and laptop stand, it allows you to choose to sit or stand while working and adjust the height from 758mm to 1128mm (29.8” to 44.4”), NeckDoctor for LAPTOPS-L creates a dynamic working and ergonomic environment for all body postures to suit your best anywhere in your home, office or workplace. It can very effectively also be used as a laptop stand for bed or laptop table for bed in your home or workspace, and at the office workplace it is the most efficient laptop table which moves everywhere.

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