Things to Consider When Choosing Monitor Arm

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Things to Consider When Choosing Monitor Arm

Are you amongst those working professionals who juggle between multiple documents on one monitor screen? The struggle is real and relatable. You might wonder, is there no solution to this problem? The answer is, of course there is. Have you seen IT professionals work on multiple screens at a time? One of which is flexible and can easily move from left to right. What gives the monitor its mobility? The answer is “Monitor arm”.

Monitor arms are the life-savers that are easily attached to the desk. Monitor arms improve the efficiency to work effectively across multiple screens. The flexible arms allow you to adjust the mounted monitor screen as per your need. Easy movement of screens with adjustable ergonomic monitor arm allows you to place your LCD monitor at a comfortable position. Intriguing enough? Before you buy this ergonomic monitor arm, here are some points to consider:

  • VESA Mount holes – The back of your monitor has four holes that are in a square pattern. This is what majorly allows the VESA bracket to be screwed on. You must check your monitor for these mount holes since some new models don’t have them. In absence of VESA mount holes, these screens can’t be mounted at all. It is also important to know that there are NON-VESA adapters as well that help mount in absence of VESA mount holes.
  • Use of monitors – Single, dual, triple, your choice of the number of monitors determines the overall styles and options available.
  • Monitor Size – Is your available space enough to accommodate the screens? Will it be a neat fit for a good ergonomic position?
  • Monitor weight – Will the single monitor arm mount be able to hold the monitor weight safely? Heavy and bulky setups might demand some heavy-duty options.
  • The direction of Screen adjustment – what direction would you want your screen to move in and how frequent would this screen adjustment be?
  • Horizontally – Left or right swinging of the monitor screen to show the screen to others.
  • Forward/back – You need enough space for this movement, be sure to check the surrounding space.
  • Screen Tilt – It is usually the case when you wish to improve comfort and reduce glare.
  • Mounting – The major part of the setup is the arm attached to the desk. How well your arm attaches to the desk is crucial. If the mounting is improper it can cost you your monitor. Here are some of the standard mounting options:
  • Desk Clamp – A simple G-Clamp style secures the monitor from below and goes over the edge of the desk.
  • Grommet Mount – The hole in the monitor is where this mount sits safely and secures it from below.
  • Wall Mount- It is the one that comfortably attaches to the wall. This eliminates the stress of mounting on the monitor which can sometimes be dangerous.
  • Accessories – Choose laptop or tablet wisely, know what you like. In this case, be sure to choose the mount type whether you want a single monitor arm mount or some other variant.

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