Sitting Vs Standing at the Work Desk

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Sitting Vs Standing at the Work Desk

Extensive researches have been carried out that goes out to show that sitting long hours for work has proven to be disturbing health-wise. You must avoid sitting for work for an extended period. Standing is a great first step to avoiding immobility.

Standing desks for your Need

Flexible working practices are ones to encourage the employees that tend to move around during the day at work. This has caused an increment in the overall demand and supply of standing desks in the office. The major aim is to reduce the amount that is spent on sitting and working. This has a positive impact on health. Are you looking for some ergonomic lucrative options that you can buy for your home office? The only trouble is with making the right choice, whether to choose sitting or standing desk? When it comes to choosing a new office desk you will be required to consider whether you need to opt for a sitting or standing desk.

Height Adjustable Laptop Stand

Standing or Sitting Desk?

In case, your choice is a mix of both, then you can go for an ergonomic sit stand desk. The height-adjustable desk would help you stay in shape and reduce the overall aches and pains that add to productivity and mobility. For all the architects and designers a standing desk is the best choice since it gives them a chance to move with their designs across the room freely.

Alternatively, if the traditional sitting desk is your style then there are plenty of options up for purchase. The office desks are available in all sizes, colors, and styles. This is to ensure that you can find something that befits your choice the best.

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Pros and Cons of a Standing Vs Sitting Office Desk

Pros/Cons Standing Office Desk Sitting Office Desk
Pro The Adjustable standing desk allows you to stand whilst working to help reduce the pain from back and slouching in chairs. When you have a sitting desk with an adjustable chair this can help minimize the back pain and neck strain
Pro The standing desk lowers your chances of weight gain or obesity since it motivates movement.  Sitting down for an extended period of time can reduce how your metabolism works. Which increases the chance of obesity and heart disease
Con Buying a high spec standing desk can become expensive Inexpensive to purchase is available in a plethora of styles and color options.
Con Takes longer to get comfortable with standing up for a few hours, this can cause feet/leg/back soreness, but short-lived.  Sitting down can very well increase your risk of health troubles due to a lack of mobility.

Are standing desks better than sitting office desks?

Traditional desk space with ergonomic chair is a great idea, but how about sit and stand desk? This is the best option that is available. Ergonomic Sit-Stand desk with height-adjustable workstation is offered by NeckDoctor. Browse through our online store to know more about the available ergonomic products.

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