Transform the sedentary office space with Workplace ergonomics.

The solution to maintaining good health, and wellness in a sedentary office is by modification of the workplace and introducing physical ergonomics to the existing setup.

Workplace Ergonomics: Reduce Expenses and Increase Efficiency with a Proactive Workplace.

To increase fitness, well-being, and overall productivity at work, encourage employees to indulge in physical movement. For the betterment of your organisation and employees, switching to an ergonomic workplace will have a beneficial effect.

How NeckDoctor Transforms Your Office Space?

NeckDoctor for Laptops

Don’t wish to swap your present work desk? We have a solution, invest in a portable ergonomic laptop stand. NeckDoctor for Laptops is an ergonomic folding office table built with gas spring technology. It is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable to work on. A Portable ergonomic laptop stand sits comfortably over your present desk and works well as a stand-alone laptop table.
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NeckDoctor for Laptops-L

Thinking mobile workstation? An ergonomic laptop standing desk with a height-adjustable feature is here for you! It allows you to sit or stand while working and create a dynamic environment that suits the body posture.
Tilt the mobile sit-stand workstation tabletop with a convenient paddle lever. It comes with an edge stopper preventing slipping of your devices. What’s a mobile workstation without wheels, the single-leg and four casters provide mobility. It is an investment you won’t regret.
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NeckDoctor for Wall

Rising complaints of neck and shoulder pain amongst your employees causing a rise in absentees? Looking for an option that doesn’t take up much space? A wall-mounted workstation might be a boon for your organisation.
This monitor wall mount for the office is adjustable, durable, strength-tested, and highly functional, offering your employees the gift of a better spine and neck, ditching the uncomfortable slouch.
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NeckDoctor for Desk

Clamping on a desk doesn’t seem right for your office setup? Don’t want a mobile workstation either? Wall mount also doesn’t seem like a feasible option for you? Looking for a monitor arm for office work? We have just the right thing for you. This monitor arm for office clamps comfortably on your office desk, providing you freedom of monitor movement. This desk clamp can transform your regular desk into an office adjustable desk.
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How does an ERGONOMIC WORKPLACE benefit an Organisation?

Anyone who has worked in a workplace setting is acquainted with the aches and pains associated with sitting for a long period. Office-related strains are all too common. You might be suffering from backaches, sore spine, or troubled shoulders from hunching over a keyboard, or your hand might be aching from repetitive scrolling and typing. All this affects our body way too much!
The job market today is dominated by professions that require working on a computer all day. This is why there is an immediate need to fix the classic workstation setup and move to an ergonomic setup.

  • Productivity – Productivity is critical for maintaining work-life balance, it is the lifeblood of an organisation. A poor office setup will increase the sick days of the employees and thereby affecting the overall productivity.
  • Mood and Satisfaction - In today's world, having the right atmosphere is a prerequisite for talent development and retention. Having a perfectly ergonomic workplace minimizes health troubles, thereby providing job satisfaction, elevating mood, and efficiency at work!
  • Reduction in pain – Movement-friendly workspace reduces chances of neck pain, back issues, and other health troubles associated with a sedentary lifestyle. And as we are aware, a “healthy mind resides in a healthy body”!

Why choose NeckDoctor for your Office?

NeckDoctor is a brand committed to making your workplace comfortable with the finest ergonomic products. Each product is scientifically designed and duly tested! There is more to our product that makes us a leader in the realm:

  • 01Every product is endowed with a gas spring mechanism which helps create smooth transitions between sit and stand mode.
  • 02The pneumatic height adjustment feature helps lock in the desktop sit-stand workstation to the desired height.
  • 03Eco-friendly, Heavy-Duty and moisture resistant work surface makes the product durable, heat resistant, and fire-resistant.
  • 04The particleboard is made of unbreakable melamine and steel, the high-quality resistance board is TSCA Title VI compliant certified.
  • 05Each product is designed to make your office desk a dynamic mobile workstation with the ability to extend and adjust.

Did You Know?

  • In response to the hazards associated with extended sitting at work, the American Medical Association (AMA) encouraged companies to provide standing workstations, sit-stand work desks, and more to encourage a healthy work-life.
  • The users of sit-stand workstations report becoming more inclined to interact with colleagues face-to-face than those that use conventional sit-only workstations.
  • The increase in job productivity and decrease in absence has a significant effect on health care costs. Absenteeism costs organisations about $150 billion a year. The rise in the number of active workforces can cost $1,500 billion yearly.
  • Employees who integrate low-intensity exercise into their daily routine will save their employers an average of $2,500 in additional healthcare costs related to cardiovascular disease.

“Corporate Culture is all about treating your employees right…Clients will never love the company until the employees do!”