4 Factors One Must Consider When Buying A Monitor Desk Stand

4 Factors One Must Consider When Buying A Monitor Desk Stand

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4 Factors One Must Consider When Buying A Monitor Desk Stand

A Monitor Desk Stand is currently one of the most important accessories of the office ergonomic culture and the ergonomics industry. It enables one to create an ergonomic working environment. An ergonomic desk will provide quite a number of ergonomic benefits, especially for a comfortable corporate office ergonomic environment.


It is 2020, and pandemic all over the world, which has made it essential for people to work from home as much as possible. Therefore it is time to upgrade their workspace game and working habits. The best way to increase productivity is to get a Monitor Arm desktop mount. Monitor arm desk mount also known as monitor desk stand.


According to researches, it is said that people who are on their monitors for longer hours often complain of back pains and straining of their eyes and neck. Not to worry now! A monitor desk stand has come to rescue us. It allows us to adjust our monitors according to our comfortable ergonomic heights and angle. It helps in increasing our work speed and therefore eliminating any harm to our body. There are several benefits of monitor desk stand.


However, there are some factors one should consider when buying a monitor desk stand mount, keeping in mind one’s kind of usage and preferences.


Monitor Desk Stand Mount


Let Us Quickly Examine The Factors So That It Is Easier To Purchase A Monitor Desk Stand:


Do We Need A Single, Dual, Or Triple Arrangement


Require a monitor desk stand for your office work like preparing excel sheets or using professional software? A double or triple stand will just make your work more efficient. And if you are using your monitor for entertainment purposes, then a single stand will be enough, and getting a desk clamp shall help too.


Compatibility With The Size And Weight Of Your Monitor


It is essential to check the size and weight of our monitors before purchasing a sit stand desk, standing desk stand, or a stand desk, so that it perfectly fits our workstation. A heavy arm will not be able to hold a lightweight monitor in the right position. Alternatively, a light arm attached to a heavily weighted monitor will also weigh it down. We should also check the height of our work desk so that we know how long we want our monitor arm to be.


To Check Whether Our Monitor And Monitor Arm Is VESA Mount Compatible


It is important to ensure whether our monitor and the monitor arm we are purchasing is VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) compatible. This means that the back of our monitor has a hole which is used for mounting and attachment purposes. For example, the NeckDoctor for Desk Gas Spring Single Monitor Arm has a VESA compatibility of 75 x 75 and 100 x 100. In contrast, Apple products are not VESA compatible and will require a separate VESA adapter.


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Which Monitor Arm Do You Require? 


There are quite a few types of Monitor Arms in the market. Such as:


  1. Wall mounts are appropriate for a limited workstation.
  2. Spring mounts which are attachable to a stand desk or sit stand desk.
  3. Laptop mounts which allow us to work on our laptops efficiently and save up space.
  4. Post mounts which can easily fit more than two monitors from a single space.
  5. Rail mounts are perfect if one needs to keep an eye at multiple monitors such as security places.

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