Home Safety During Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond: Is your home Safe for Your Young Kids?

Home Safety During Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond: Is your home Safe for Your Young Kids?

Home Safety During Coronavirus Pandemic and Beyond: Is your home Safe for Your Young Kids?

In the wake of the pandemic, schools and childcare centers have been shut, to discourage the propagation of coronavirus (COVID-19), which eventually means that children of all ages are confined home for a long period! Young children between 1-5 years are particularly difficult to confine, they are fused with energy and wish to always be on the run. Given the challenging times, our homes have been serving as makeshift schools, workplaces, playgrounds, gyms, and so much more.

Whilst the home is a safe place, it is important to take extra precautions and safe-proof the home for kids. The top threat on the list of “fatal injuries at home” comes from TV and Furniture Tip-Overs. (Been there, seen that, and dealt with it!)

Wall Mount

Kids running around the house is a common sight, We can’t hold them back but can babyproof the house. This brings us to a common cause of injury, Televisions Tipping! Yes!!! When the Television is placed at an easily accessible level, your child is sure to reach out for it and possibly cause it to tip over.

Do you know, every 3 weeks a child dies from a television tipping over? Getting hit by a TV can lead to fatal wounds, including skull fractures, brain bleeding, nasal impediments, loss of nerve control, and loss of hearing. You wouldn’t wish this upon your worse enemy, then why compromise with kid’s safety? We understand this is a threatening issue, and where there is an issue, there is a plausible solution. In this case, the solution is a TV wall mount, like NeckDoctor for Wall. You might be wondering, “Is it a good idea to wall mount a TV?”

To answer this, let’s take into account all the aspects:

  • Number 1 advantage, you no longer need a physical surface for your TV, saving you floor space. Bid adieu to your bulky TV stand!
  • Another advantage is that it is aesthetically pleasing and accentuates the look and the vibe of the room.
  •  From a safety standpoint, your young kids and pets (if you have any) are safe. They can come blazing in a room and storm off without the fear of TV tripping over.

Looks like you could use a wall mount???

Another aspect to address here is your child’s musculoskeletal health. Do you realize your present TV setup (on a tabletop, fixed, and stable) can affect the neck and spine of your young child? At present your TV is positioned to suit you. The disparity between your viewing angle and that of your kid requires attention! This is where an Ergonomic TV and Monitor Arm Mount can come in handy.

The ergonomic heavy-duty TV wall mount uses gas spring technology. It counterbalances and adjusts the weight of the TV, making it sturdy and reliable!

NeckDoctor for Wall allows free Tilting, +5°~-15° for easy forward and backward adjustment and reduces glare. With Screen Level: +3°~-3°, Swivel Arms +90°~-90° features, maximum viewing flexibility is imparted making every seat the best seat for an optimal viewing experience. Finger touch repositioning feature eases binge-watching shows, news, games, and can even work well for your office desk setup.

Will this fit my Expensive TV, you might be wondering! The answer is, YES! NeckDoctor for Wall is designed to fit all brands and can work well for both TV and monitors, making it a versatile mount.

While safety is vital, you wouldn’t want to compromise on the viewing pleasure from TV, too. NeckDoctor for Wall allows you to position your screen at a comfortable viewing angle. The 3 times approved, strength-tested TV wall bracket can hold weight up to 5-23kg. Making this mount a lucrative buy.

Be smart and mount your TV…Protect both, your prized possession, your little bundle of joy, and your investment made in the expensive TV!!!

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