Healthcare Ergonomics: Improve workflows and drive meaningful patient interactions with ergonomic products.

The use of information technology in healthcare has increased drastically. Medical practitioners work on electronic-based charting function. Computers that aren’t implemented adequately into point-of-care environments may have a detrimental effect on patient communication and workflow.

How does an ergonomically sound Healthcare Environment help?

Healthcare administrators are realising the importance of providing ergonomically correct environments for their employees while they gain a greater understanding of workplace-related disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back, spine, and shoulder discomfort. Ergonomics can be described as the adaptation of the workplace to the individual. Equipment must be adapted to the individuals that use it, according to mounting systems. Caregivers are using healthcare automation tools today, as a part of their everyday workflow. However, as the usage of healthcare IT has grown, so has the prevalence of musculoskeletal injury in caregivers, which hurts efficiency and care quality. Many healthcare job tools were created with a focus on technology with minuscule regard for human interaction.

Since people’s physical dimensions differ, mounting mechanisms must be flexible enough to accommodate each caregiver. With ergonomically built mobile medical cart and patient monitor wall stands, administrative and patient care functions are performed securely and effectively. Ergonomics will also save resources by reducing the number of days off owing to injuries and increasing satisfaction by making workers feel more comfortable at work.

How NeckDoctor transforms your Healthcare Facility?

NeckDoctor for Laptops

Introducing ergonomics doesn’t always have to mean buying expensive stand-alone products. NeckDoctor for Laptops is designed to upgrade your present hospital monitor stand. The heavy-duty desk setup can be upgraded with an additional laptop stand on top of it. One product relieves multiple health troubles, it is a laptop stand for neck pain, back pain, and bad back relief, how?
You can easily convert your present setup into a sit-stand workstation. It has a height lock feature that allows it to lock the height to the desired level. When placed on top of your current desk it adds more height to your desk and with its expansive nature, you can further expand the height of the table and convert it into a standing desk whenever required.
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NeckDoctor for Laptops-L

Physicians, radiologists, and sonographers typically work like an office employee, countless hours seated in front of scanners and monitors. Slouching & inactivity tends to tighten the muscle and cause tension and poor posture. Our ergonomically designed standing desk is here to alleviate the pain and improve posture.
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a common consequence of prolonged sitting, this can cause blood clots in the inner veins and cause pain and swelling along with lower back troubles. NeckDoctor for Laptops L comes with heavy-duty lockable casters, along with a foot pedal to adjust the sit-stand workstation to the desired height. It can double up as your medical workstation cart.
The standing desk for back pain is a boon. You can also move around this standing desk comfortably so you don’t have to suffer back pain caused by indefinite standing or sitting.
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NeckDoctor for Wall

The ergonomic gas spring monitor arm mount allows the caregiver the freedom to sit or stand beside the patient. The easy forward and backward adjustment of the medical monitor arm makes it easy for the patient to view the screen while the caregiver explains health and needs. This Monitor arm for the doctor is tested for strength and comes with an ergonomic cable management feature to avoid unorganized space. With growing awareness of ergonomics, there is a rise in wall mounts for clinics. The medical monitor arms of NeckDoctor for Wall are expandable, making it easy to move to the patient rather than forcing the patient to move close to the equipment. These come in handy especially when a patient’s movement is impaired, a patient monitor wall mounts placed at an adjustable arm allows them to adjust and watch television comfortably.
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NeckDoctor for Desk

With the basic setup ready, are you looking for a desk mount that can be fixed to your desk? NeckDoctor for Desk is the right pick. When a medical computer wall mount doesn’t seem to fit your workspace, you can always fall back on the trusted desk monitor arm. They offer a compact space with no peripheral tools swinging out. You can use it as a medical laptop cart, with your desktop mounted on the arm. It sure improves the efficiency of a healthcare facility.
You can use it to set up screen and monitors in a facility that requires screen interaction between patients and caregivers. A caregiver may use this healthcare monitor arm with an extendable arm to advise a patient about a procedure or assist him or her in viewing x-rays from a bed or chair. This mounting device facilitates patient participation in the recovery phase. The panel can be raised high enough for caregivers or coworkers to discuss recovery decisions using the same mounting mechanism.
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Why choose NeckDoctor for Medical Facility?

NeckDoctor is a brand committed to offering you the finest ergonomic products. Each product is scientifically designed and duly tested. There is more to our product that makes us a leader:

  • 01The pneumatic height adjustment feature assists in securing the sit-stand workstation at an optimal height.
  • 02Each product includes a gas-spring mechanism that facilitates switching between sitting and standing modes.
  • 03Each product is durable, heat resilient, and fire-resistant. They offer eco-friendly, heavy-duty, and moisture-resistant work surface.
  • 04Each product is designed to enhance ergonomics at the workplace.

Did You Know?

  • A profession in health care usually entails lengthy, exhausting shifts. A significant portion of this period is spent walking, seated, or in bad posture.
  • Health care professionals are also accountable for more patients than ever before – often with dwindling team sizes. Not only are ergonomic accessories more convenient; they also allow a higher degree of performance.
  • Expensive equipment like a portable medical table or a medical table on wheels can seem to be a luxury. You'd be smart to see past the immediate expenses and see the long-term benefits. Less sick leaves at work and improves ROI of the medical facility.