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The way you sit and work impacts your health, productivity, and efficiency. Work or leisure whatever it might be, poor desk ergonomics impact your overall wellbeing. One can develop muscle strains and stresses in such cases which can, later on, lead to some serious long-term complications and pain. A monitor arm can be the best choice to create a comfortable desk setup. There are various kinds of monitor arms, each has its own set of benefits. Here is a comprehensive list of benefits offered by the best monitor wall mounts:

  • Reduces strain – An adjustable monitor arm can be altered as per the height and depth of the user, this offers the right work angle, which means less strain and better productivity. Ideally, the monitor must be placed at the center field of the vision, which ensures that the viewer works at the right angle.
  • Versatility – Single monitor arm mount gives the person a chance to easily switch things up with the monitor. They can change the orientation, from portrait to landscape. The monitor mounts also work well in the case of dual monitors. The two can be placed side by side at various angles and in different modes for images and customization.
  • Organized Desk – Cluttered desk distracts and creates hassles in the person’s productivity. A monitor arm wall mount frees the desk space for other important components of your workspace. This not only gives your workspace a neat look but also ensures you have each component important for your workspace kept at the right distance and space.
  • Improve Posture – Ergonomic desk space improves the overall posture. When you ditch improper monitor setup you also step away from the usual slouches and hunches, which happen to be the major cause of back pain and neck stiffness. A single monitor arm mount ensures the person can adjust the height and position of the laptop as per proper posture.

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How do you attach a monitor arm?

There are different types of monitor arms available, and each one has its own set of features that you must take care of when using it. The first thing would be to check if the monitor is VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) compliant. VESA provides the basic hole patterns that act as guidelines used to make the attachment of a display to amount easier. These patterns are measures that are calculated between the holes both vertically and horizontally. If in case, your monitor is not VESA compliant, you have two options, you can either buy a VESA mount adapter or a new monitor. In other words, a monitor wall mount bracket is important when it comes to installation.

Here are some of the available monitor arms:

  • Spring Mounts – These are the high-end monitor arm option that comes with several features. These offer mobility and precise positioning. As compared to the other monitor arm mounts, spring mounts are expensive.
  • Wall Mounts – The best monitor arm wall mounts typically come with a tray that can accommodate both mouse and keyboard. They can be used for professional and personal use. The wall arm monitor mounts are commonly used.
  • Post Mounts – These are less expensive than the spring mounts, and are more static but still hold the ability to adjust the height.
  • Laptop Mounts – These are like a standard monitor arm. They support the monitor only and include hardware on which the entire laptop can be secured.

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Monitor arms are an indispensable component of the desk setup. Gaming or for work purposes, whatever might be the reason, monitor arms can do it all and help enhance the overall focus, productivity, and efficiency. Are you looking for an ergonomic single monitor arm mount? We have an array of options for you, Neck Doctor offers you a range of ergonomic products. browse through them and find the one that fits your requirement.

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