Get Acclimated to your New Ergonomic Standing Desk

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Get Acclimated to your New Ergonomic Standing Desk

The terrifying news about the unhealthy effects of long hours of sitting is known to all. High blood pressure, increased diabetes risk, high mortality rate, chronic pain, and heart diseases are some of the well-known health troubles that have been scientifically associated with the modern-day computer-centric work culture. Globally, offices and employees are making a healthy shift towards a better and more productive lifestyle. This has been the reason behind the introduction and popularity of ergonomic standing desks.

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The Standing desk is a life-extending modern convenience that has health benefits when used correctly and regularly. The pneumatic adjustable height standing desk can be a bit tricky to get a hang of, but when you get in the groove of it, there is no turning back. Your standing desk experience can be maximized when you are aware of all the health benefits that come with it:

Perfect Posture:

Neck, torso, legs, and head all suffer when you have a bad posture. Using a footrest would help you maintain equilibrium and shift the body weight between the feet, which makes it easier to maintain the right posture. Be sure to wear your shoes, they give much-needed support.

Ergonomic Alignment:

Keep the laptop or monitor at a safe distance of about an arm’s length. The best pneumatic standing desk will have the screen adjusted above the eye level. In case you wear glasses, the monitor is advised to be placed about 1-2 inches low. Considering you use two monitors, it is advised to keep them close to one another, at a comfortable angle.
Accessories are important – Similar to the monitor, the placement of mouse and keyboard must be on the same surface, close enough to ensure that your elbows are placed close to the body. The wrists must sit straight when typing. The upper arms should remain close to the body.

Relax Your Shoulders:

Even the best pneumatic adjustable height standing desk will feel awkward to you in the beginning. So take some time and adjust your shoulders. Move your shoulders forward, up, and then stretch them as far as comfortable. Hunching and slouching is common and inevitable, what can be taken care of is maintaining a posture that doesn’t strain the shoulders. The ergonomic standing desk converter gives you the option of standing and relaxing without moving the whole workstation setup.

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What are the Best Standing Desks?

We understand that standing desks are important, but what makes a standing desk the best one to purchase? Here is a list of factors that you must look for in your ergonomic standing desk:

  • The feature to adjust the height.
  • Safe, stable, and sturdy structure that can withstand the load.
  • The size of the work zone matches the size of the table.
  • Easy and effortless in use.
  • Budget-friendly doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

Getting accustomed to working with a pneumatic adjustable height standing desk is imperative if you wish to lead a healthy and physically fit life. This standing desk is an ideal choice for both personal and office spaces, if you are willing to make this change then Neck Doctor is here to help you. We are committed to offering you the best solution that takes away unpleasant situations in the workplace.

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