GAMERS BEWARE: Bad Ergonomics Deduct Years from Your Life While You Add Lives to Your Virtual Avatar

GAMERS BEWARE: Bad Ergonomics Deduct Years from Your Life While You Add Lives to Your Virtual Avatar

GAMERS BEWARE: Bad Ergonomics Deduct Years from Your Life While You Add Lives to Your Virtual Avatar

While gaming is interesting and entertaining, too much gaming might pose health dangers (especially if you don’t play right… Ergonomically). What is that damage??? Before addressing all that is wrong, let’s look at the bright side of gaming culture.

Besides being engaging and interesting, virtual gaming provides individuals with the opportunity to build and blend in a virtual community. Especially in present times, given the pandemic situation owing to mental health issues and social alienation, gamers have an escape that connects them to the virtual world. The explorative expansion of gaming throughout the pandemic has become a new way to interact in the chaotic times of social distancing!

But, it’s not all hunky-dory. Now that we know the good, let’s look at the bad! Repetitive stress injuries or overuse injuries are ruling. These issues occur when muscles and tendons are used exhaustively to the point of discomfort and inflammation. When untreated, these injuries cause numbness and weakness, they might even lead to lifelong harm. This is the reason behind the high rate of arm and hand injuries amongst gamers. Spare the trouble and resort to a quality gaming desk setup, built with a gamer’s need in mind!

For a committed gamer, his console, high-definition heavy-duty monitor, an ergonomic chair, and high-quality desk sum up the definition of a “Gaming Desk Setup”. But, only a few understand the importance of ergonomics and how a monitor arm brings flexibility and freedom of movement. With an add-on-like monitor arm, the gaming display can dynamically adapt in genuine 3D, and we’re not talking about the visuals here – we’re talking about physical dimension!

Benefits of Monitor Holder or Monitor Arm for Gamers

Monitors come with a fixed monitor stand that is intended for an average user and works well in most circumstances…But to tell you the truth, even with tilt and height adjustment features, they cannot match the floating freedom of a monitor arm.

Once the game screen sits comfortably on the monitor arm, your gaming screen can move to practically any position and angle, depending on the design of your arm, and the level of flexibility. This improvement in ergonomics makes a huge difference in the otherwise sedentary lifestyle of gamers. Not solely for the comfort of the neck, back, and eye relaxation, but for minuscule things such as avoiding glare and improving viewing experience, a monitor holder with extended arms is the best addition to your gaming desk.

To say the least, a desk mount completely alters your gaming desk setup in terms of versatility!

NeckDoctor for Desk – The ultimate Mounting Arm for an Enhanced Gaming Experience!

Gaming monitors need a full-motion articulating arm. No drilling into the walls, just a standalone mounting arm that easily connects, clips, and can be balanced on desks and tables, precisely constructed to withstand significant weight while maintaining stable balance.

Of course, since there’s so much technology involved, you can’t expect it to be as sleek as wall mounts. But, you have got to lose some, to gain some; and here you are in for an ergonomic experience, like no other!

You may choose to make little adjustments to monitor location or fully swap it up…You are the boss! The mounting arm ergonomics doesn’t get better than this, we are talking about NeckDoctor for Desk. With Tilt Range: +90°~-90°, Swivel Range 180°, and monitor rotation 180°, this ergonomically designed single monitor arm allows free motion movement of your monitor; vertical, horizontal, as well as distance height adjustments. This essentially means with more people around, it becomes easier for everyone to see the monitor and make modifications to suit individual needs.

As opposed to the conventional fixed arms that are basic in design and restrict movement of your display, NeckDoctor for DESK, is a desk mount built with Gas-Spring technology and a built-in gauge, designed to Counterbalance the Weight of Your Monitor and Adjust Height seamlessly.

NeckDoctor for Desk is also not constricted to specific models and brands, it works well with all different monitor brands. All you have to do is either clamp or grommet the monitor arm to the desk. This works exceptionally well for rental apartments; no more drilling holes in the wall for the wall mount. Clamp your NeckDoctor for Desk on your desk and enjoy the instant gift of movement!
The broadening horizon of the gaming industry means rising ergonomic issues and injuries. Ergonomic products traditionally were aimed towards office employees and work settings. But it is about time, the gaming industry made the healthy shift!
Use the right products and follow your passion while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, without the use of a carpal tunnel glove!

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