How To Set Up An Ergonomics Home Office


ergonomic home office setup

How To Set Up An Ergonomics Home Office

Due to the coronavirus pandemic around the world, work from home has become quite prevalent. The lockdown in many countries has made ‘work from home’ the new normal. Hence, it is essential for us to set up an ergonomics home office for comfortable and healthy working. When you are working from home for an extended period, it can often lead to severe aches and pains in your shoulder and neck region. Hence, to avoid any kind of health issues, ergonomic design is a necessity.


Unless you have got a comfortable ergonomics home office design, you will end up with acute back pain, which can be chronic as well. Here, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks on how to set up an ergonomics home office.


Tips & Tricks On How To Set Up An Ergonomics Home Office


External Keyboards Or Monitors For Laptops:


When you are working on your laptop or notebook for a long time, it becomes dangerous for your eyesight, neck and shoulder. The laptop screen and keyboard are all attached to the same device, so when you are working on it, you are exposed to the monitor screen from a pretty close distance. You also lose your mobility when you are working on your laptop.


Hence, one of the most important accessories of ergonomics home office is an external keyboard or a monitor so you can place yourself accordingly at a comfortable space and distance from the monitor. You can also get a monitor arm stand so you can put the monitor at a comfortable height when you are working.



There Should Be Proper Lighting:


Talking about proper lighting, natural light is the best when you are working from home and attending a video conference. You can make your home an ergonomic workstation with proper soothing lighting as well if there is a lack of natural light in your setting. Often natural light casts a shadow if you are sitting with your back facing the window. Hence, to be the best ergonomist, you must put proper lighting, which shouldn’t be too bright or too dim.


Keep Moving:


You should always remember that a stagnant position of sitting will lead to shoulder and neck aches. Hence, in your ergonomics home office, you should keep changing your position. You can get a standing desk if you want to stand and work after sitting for a prolonged period. You should also keep adjusting the height of your chair for better flexibility and mobility.


Neck Straight, Not Bent


When talking about ergonomic assessment, you should always keep your eyes directed straight at your monitor. Your neck should be straight and not bent, as it will cause bad neck pain. You can get a TV stand that will help you to adjust the monitor at a height that will help you to look straight at it.


Ergonomics Home Office


Tips For Ergonomics Home Office


Besides the whole set up, there are some effective tips that you should keep in mind when setting up applied ergonomics.


  • Rest your eyes at regular intervals
  • Keep the working place clean and pretty. It should give you good vibes to work
  • Perfection of posture is important in office ergonomics
  • Take frequent short breaks; it clears your head


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