Does the Height of the Desk Matter?

Does the Height of the Desk Matter?

Does the Height of the Desk Matter?

Sitting at your desk for an extended period may lead to back discomfort. The proper height of your desk can help avoid this. When your desk is too low, you may bend over, putting extra pressure on your eyes and back.
This means the way your desk is positioned may impact your productivity and energy levels, especially if you are too tall. This is where ergonomics comes to play.

What is Ergonomics? Ergonomics is the study of designing workstations, accessible to workers and adaptable to their skills and limitations. Ergonomics aims to create workstations that suit the user and helps them be more productive and efficient.
The right desk height plays a key role in maintaining the right posture. You can find the appropriate desk height for you below, but first, let’s understand what it means to have the right desk height!

Why is the height of the work desk important?

Most desks have an average height of between 28 and 30 inches, like an adjustable height cart, perfect for someone who is 5’8″ to 5’10”. However, this height is not suitable for anybody under 5’8″.
Increasing or decreasing the height of your desk may significantly impact your comfort.
It’s fast and simple to raise and lower your desk to the optimal height for both sitting and standing with a standing desk.

How to find the ideal desk height?

Here is the formula that applies to your desk, and gives you the appropriate height

(Your height in inches) + 1 = your perfect desk height in cm.

The thing to remember when it comes to both sitting and standing workstations is that your elbow is on the same level as your keyboard, mouse, and desk. You should keep your shoulders relaxed while maintaining your forearms at a right angle.

Once you’re seated, adjust your chair’s armrests until you are in the most comfortable position. You could also use arm support that can help relieve wrist strain while working with a mouse and keyboard.
When figuring out your optimum standing desk height, remember to include your footwear. Stretching your feet while using a footrest may assist you to maintain a correct posture and at a comfortable level. It’s bad for your posture if you cross your legs.

Seated Posture

It is critical to maintaining your sitting posture at all times after you have determined the proper desk height for you. Finding the most comfortable posture for your body. To stop yourself from slouching, put your back against the chair. Your upper and lower back should be supported while you sit in the chair.
In addition, to avoid overstretching, be sure to put frequently used objects within easy reach of your sitting posture.

Standing Posture

Maintain the following posture with your standing desk sitting at the proper height for you to be comfortable and avoid injury:

• The height of your workstation should be the same as the height of your elbows.
• Maintain a relaxed neck and shoulders.
• Don’t lock your knees.
• Your eyes should be 20-28 inches away from your face, at screen level.
• Keep your wrists parallel to the surface of your desk.
• Stand for short periods at a time.

It’s critical to prioritize your workstation choices if you want to maintain good health. It’s time to make a change if you realize your existing arrangement isn’t working.

One Desk for all Heights: Sit-Stand Work Desk by NeckDoctor for Laptops-L

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Standing desks are gaining popularity thanks to the many businesses that have changed their desk designs to accommodate new healthy for the overall health of their employees.

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