Top 7 Problems And Solutions For Monitor Arms In 2020


Solutions For Monitor Arms

Top 7 Problems And Solutions For Monitor Arms In 2020

Having an unbearable strain on your neck and back can never be impossible if you spend 8-9 hours in a day sitting behind your desk. To reduce such kind of health issues using Monitor Arms is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways. In recent years, eCommerce platforms can provide you with a massive assortment monitor arms. Therefore, to turn your desk from an ordinary workspace to improved ergonomics, choose the best ones, and enjoy a hassle-free working experience.


It is true that by customizing your workplace with Monitor Arms, you can elevate your monitor to the correct height; where you seems it perfectly fit. But along with its facility, you should take into account its negative aspects. So, before attaching a monitor arm to your monitor, it is important to be aware of its pros and cons. Here, we will discuss the top 7 problems for Monitor Arms along with its acceptable solutions.


Top 7 Problems For Monitor Arms:


1. To Attach Monitor Arms, VESA Mount Holes On Your Monitor Are Highly Required: 


The biggest problem of using any stand or arm to mount your monitor, it needs to be VESA compatible. VESA compatible monitors come with standard mounting holes on the back of it. But it always serves a daunting task to search VESA compliant monitor among major monitor brands. But, solutions are also available in the marketplace. If your monitor doesn’t have a VESA mount, you can take the help of non-VESA monitor mount adapter arms to adjust the screen. Otherwise, you can buy a new VESA compatible monitor.


2. Monitor Arms Can Cause An Unstable Set Up:


A monitor arm sometimes can be a reason for bouncing and shaking of the monitor. To avoid these issues, you have to keep a strong focus on the setup.


3. Monitor Arms Can Only Carry A Limited Weight:


The arms, generally, possess a low weight capacity. To attain the Benefits of Monitor Arm, you have to choose a lightweight monitor. Otherwise, to adjust the height of your heavy monitor, you can use high capacity post systems.


4. Restrictions Of Buying Monitor Arm Serve A Major Issue:


To connect monitor arm with your monitor, you always have to notice the length, weight, size, everything of the screen. This sometimes causes significant problems. To avoid such issues, you have to be always aware of the capabilities of a monitor stand.


5. Proper Adjustment Of Arms Can Be An Issue:


To attain the facilities of monitor arms, you have to know its height, depth, lateral, pan, and tilt. You cannot use any monitor screen if you want to attach a monitor arm. Otherwise, just for the adjustment of height, you can go for spring systems.


6. Bad Wire Management Is Not An Ignorable Issue:


Some monitor arms provide poor wire management. This leads to drop the complete aesthetic set up. In this case, you should check out the product before buying it.


7. Only Two Methods Are Available:


Only by clamping the base to the desk or by passing a grommet mount through grommet holes, you can attach your monitor arm. Using one option can never give a satisfying result. By using both of these systems, you can achieve the exact flexibility.


After getting aware of all these problems, you might wonder Why Monitor Arm has been considered a fancy accessory to décor the desk? The reason to use monitor arm lies in its irreplaceable favorable facilities, which I aforementioned.

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